About Us

VE Pharma was established in 1994. The group has established offices of significant presence in six countries respectively Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. VE Pharma provides the services of registrations, importations, marketing, distribution, tailored expert knowledge for regulatory laws and services, and fundamental access to a supply chain of expertise for all healthcare companies. VE’s portfolio boasts affiliations with some of the largest healthcare companies worldwide; including Vitabiotics, UK’s number one nutraceutical company, Glenmark Pharmaceutical, Meyer Organics, Kopran, Medley & Vexxa Lifesciences.

With over 450 employees there is a pool of experienced and outstanding local capabilities that provides VE with the leverage to execute effective strategies. With the head office in Bangkok, Thailand, VE Pharma has established and secured relationships across the Asia Pacific, forging extensive intrinsic channels and networks within healthcare institutions, clinics, retail pharmacies and medical doctors. Companies large or small can increase their global reach, market positioning and opportunity for increased revenue. VE markets and distributes a vast array of products including nutraceuticals, OTC products, medical devices and prescription drugs. With over two decades of infrastructure in place, VE has studied how to access these International markets, that require a strategic touch to create long standing business relations


VE is committed to bring a better well-being and brighter future to its consumers by ensuring accessibility to only quality life-changing products and services.


To become the preferred healthcare partner of choice. With continuous evolvement to navigate our way ethically through regulations, competition, advances in distribution systems and various marketing activities we want to ensure long term success and presence for all our represented companies .

CEO Message

VE Pharma was founded in 1994 with the precision to become a leading marketing and distribution company for the Asian Healthcare industry. In turn enabling every person the right to access advanced and innovative medical treatments.

Through our commitment of building relationships based on trust, tradition, transparency, and professionalism the company has risen to be amongst a leader in its countries of operations.

VE Pharma enables its clients to overcome challenges, accelerate their growth, and capitalize on opportunities. VE offers an exceptional and a professional service that is tailored to each individual company’s needs.

-Vishal Kedia
(Group CEO)